Nicole Grays Owens - Mic

5 of the most absurd — and not recommended — ways people have tried to lose weight

After trying several popular diets, Atlanta podcaster Nicole Grays Owens was fed up with their minimal temporary success, and desperation set in. "Being overweight was no picnic," she wrote in an email. "You'll try anything to shed the pounds. Failure after failure led me to the wackiest method I ever tried in an effort to win the Battle of the Buldge: I had my mouth wired shut."

Though the method isn't common, Owens had connections to help her find a provider for the alternative dieting procedure. "A fellow struggler slipped me the name and number of a clinic along with the pricing and what to expect," she said. "I made my appointment and had brackets attached to four of my teeth, two on the top and two on the bottom, then a thin wire was wrapped around them in a figure-eight. That was it. Easy. Painless. Quick." In case of emergency, Owens was told she could cut the wire easily with nail clippers, so she should keep them with her at all times... READ MORE