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A Kiss Is Just a Kiss, Unless It's the Very First One

A kiss is just a kiss, but as time goes by the first one can be everlasting.

"I can tell you the exact date," declared stylist and fashion designer Nicole Grays Owens of Atlanta. "It was Aug. 16, 1985, three days after my sweet 16th. He was my first true love and I his."

We all have a first-kiss story, from the playground, park or basement, most likely. But do we all know what happened to the people with whom we shared that delicate snip of time? Do we care?

Writer Rachel Vail of Manhattan may not have been in capital L-love with the first boy she kissed, but they WERE a thing, elementary school style.

She was a fifth-grade Kim to his sixth-grade Hugo in their suburban New York school's production of "Bye Bye Birdie." There was supposed to be a kiss between the two in the play. This being elementary school, there was not.

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