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Co-founder of a multimillion-dollar payroll and staffing company, a media guru, host of two podcasts, and a fixture in Atlanta’s elite social scene, Owens hobnobs with celebrities as a wardrobe stylist and local personality. She’s also spent tens of thousands of dollars over eight years on plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures to become the woman she is today: “charismatic, sexy, and dope,” in her words.  

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A Kiss Is Just a Kiss, Unless It's the Very First One

"I can tell you the exact date," declared stylist and fashion designer Nicole Grays Owens of Atlanta. "It was Aug. 16, 1985, three days after my sweet 16th. He was my first true love and I his."

We all have a first-kiss story, from the playground, park or basement, most likely. But do we all know what happened to the people with whom we shared that delicate snip of time? Do we care?


5 of the most absurd — and not recommended — ways people have tried to lose weight

Diets can seem like a good idea, but more often than not, they're highly flawed. Cutting out entire food groups or trying to subsist on solely one food can be dangerous, yet fad diets are always promising us better bodies, easier and faster than the last ridiculous diet we already know will never work for weight loss.